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Morocco, land of the senses, legendary and ancient, country of colors, aromas and flavors. The diversity of landscapes: desert, oasis, lakes, beaches, mountains and Morocco’s imperial cities make a fascinating land of stories, traditions, cuisine, music and charm. The Sahara Life Family business are travel professionals who work with travelers worldwide. 4×4 excursions fully equipped and air conditioned, camel rides and nights in sleeping in guettons oasis (Berber tent). Unique and unforgettable experience: spend a night in the desert under a sky full of stars with the magic cloak of the moon and indescribable peace of the place, the sound of silence … The feeling lost at the top of the dunes, watching the horizon infinitu. They also offer their Berber cuisine such as pizzas Berber tagines and couscous different meats and vegetables, which can not fail to enjoy. It also provides in the summer months, the famous and world renowned ‘sand Therapies “for bone ailments such as rheumatism and arthritis. And to close with a flourish your trip, we suggest you learn and experience the “Art of Henna”, made with unique designs and made ​​by the women of the family business Berber Sahara Life. Do not hesitate to contact us, we guarantee the best experience of your life.