3 Days Desert Sahara Quad Biking

3 Days Desert Sahara Quad Biking

Quad biking in the Sahara deseert is easy and you don’t need any experience in advance and moreover you will be guided by one of our experienced guides will then take you on a journey of discovery and will takes a good care of you and provide you with tips and guidane that would make your adventure trip more confortable. This tour will take you to different amazing Desert landscapes and Berber villages.


Comfortable breakfast on foot of the dunes and 100% Buggy or Quad action. After breakfast we will take a small breafing of driving in dunes and then full guided route of Buugy RZR 800 S or 900 S or Quad ATV.

Then we will start the adventure with a day of authentic desert, starting with Visit of the quarry of Marine Fossils, then we will cross a Reg (desert of stones), which is a true lunar landscape with immense extensions of dark stones until it is lost sight of. that gives a more mineral touch to the desert, several Berber villages (where they live under authentic nomadic tents), oases, oueds and desert plateaus before arriving at the beautiful Oasis of SAF SAF. Then we will cross one of the tracks of the RALLY DAKAR passing through the Oasis of AZARKAM until we reach the wild Oasis of Laaouina, then we follow the track by a river of sand until we reach the dunes of Erg Chebbi (the largest dune desert in Morocco) where let’s enjoy a wonderful driving through sand, visit the beautiful oasis within the sea of ​​dunes and contemplate an unforgettable sunset.

Dinner and overnight in a kamp


Breakfast and a new day of authentic desert in Buggy or Quad ATV, starting with the visit of the JASMINA Lake at the foot of the golden dunes of the Erg Chebbi where we will enjoy the beautiful with the usual trips through the highest Erg dunes morocco  of sand. Next, we will visit the beautiful oasis within the dunes, villages of Berber Jaimas, M’ifis mines and the village of Khemlía, the only village of black musicians of ancient tribes of Mali, famous for their gnaoua songs and dances.

After resting with the musicians, we continue by track to the dunes of Znaigui, a small erg hidden between the Erg Chebbi and the border with Algeria, then towards the Ouzina dunes crossing one of the tracks of the Dakar rally passing through the town of TAOUZ and its interesting rock engravings.

Dinner and overnight at a Kabah Hotel. Kasbah Ouzina


It is advisable to get up early to see the sunrise from the top of the great dune. Breakfast and new desert day, of beautiful landscapes. We will cross a Reg (desert of stones), which is a true lunar landscape with immense extensions of dark stones, until our sight is lost in the horizon, which gives a mineral touch to the desert. We will visit several Berber villages, (where they live in authentic nomadic shops), oasis and we will also pass by the famous Ramlia sand river full of Fesh Fesh to reach the Bethlehem portal or Mharech canyon where we will eat. Then we follow a quick track of  through the hamlet of Chouaref and then towards the dunes of Erg Chebbi