About Us

Ahmed is a young Berber born and raised in the desert of southern Morocco. He speaks English, Spanish, French, Italian and Arabic, and also Berber.

Ahmed enjoys the simplicity of life in the desert and finds great satisfaction in revealing the quiet south to travelers. He has many years of experience guiding travelers through Morocco, his specialty being both routes through the desert and camel routes to the south of the country. Affable and patient, knowledgeable and attentive, Ahmed has the qualities that make him a very competent guide and a great traveling companion. With his company you will definately enjoy your trip in Morocco.

Why us?

  • Trust and honesty.
  • Experience and professionalism.
  • Native guides with knowledge of several languages.
  • Experts in the area.
  • Flexibility in scheduling travel.
  • Transport quality.
  • Special activities.

We help you plan your route, but is Your trip to Morocco and therefore, You decide to visit, time to and duration of stops